We are a 6 member panel of statisticians, methodologists and clinicians, with areas of expertise including statistical methods for analysis pharmacogenetic data, systematic review methodology, consensus methodology and development of reporting guidelines. Our members are:

  • Marty Richardson, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Jamie Kirkham, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Kerry Dwan, Cochrane Editorial Unit, London, UK
  • Derek J Sloan, University of St. Andrews, UK
  • Geraint Davies, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Andrea L Jorgensen, University of Liverpool, UK

We are developing the STROPS guideline in order to improve the reporting of pharmacogenetic studies, and to facilitate the conduct of high-quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses. We are conducting the Delphi survey to gain consensus opinion on which reporting items ought to be included in this guideline.

All DelphiManager data is stored on a secure server in the University of Liverpool data centre. For more information please contact delphimg@liverpool.ac.uk