AML pilot Delphi - core outcome set (COS) for AML

AML pilot Delphi - definition of a core set of outcomes (COS) for AML 

Welcome to the AML pilot Delphi…

This Delphi survey aims to define a minimum set of outcomes, a core outcome set (COS) for future AML trials agreed by consensus by different stakeholders. 

For this task - first a literature research was performed to define a list of different clinical outcomes. In several key opinion meetings the list was discussed including a first input from patient representatives and other stakeholders, based on which a list of potential primary outcomes for future AML trials was generated. Risk factors, like age or gender, are not included in this study. 

The stakeholder groups comprise all HARMONY members including patients, clinicians, regulators, drug developers and additional interest groups. All participants will be asked to rate the individual importance of each outcome using a 9-pointed Likert scale. In addition, the importance is grouped into three major categories: "not important", “not critical”, and "critical". 

Rating all of the 59 outcomes will take approximate 20-30 minutes. Please complete all answers in a row, because the connection of the survey will be closed automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you need a break, the answers can be saved after each page. 

After the evaluation of the outcomes, you can add comments and additional outcomes, which we have missed so far. 

The analysis of the first Delphi round will take four weeks after the last participant has finished the survey. Then, you will be invited to take part in a second round, in which you will receive information on how your votes of first round compare to those of the other stakeholder groups. Your re-evaluation of the outcomes can take into account the weigthing the respective outcome variables have received by the others. So, after each round the consensus increases, it become clear which outcome is really core. The conditions for this can be seen in a separate protocol, published in April this year.

Following completion of all Delphi rounds a core outcome set will be generated, which will be finally discussed in a face-to-face-meeting including all stakeholder groups. 

Every information, which is given after each round is anonymous. The data of all registered participants can only be seen by the Delphi administrator, but also for the administrator it is impossible to see the given answers of the participants separately. 

Your personal data will be stored for the duration of the survey on a secure server by the DelphiManager. After completion of the survey your data will be deleted.

Please register now and you will receive a registration email with login-details. By registering you declare yourself to be in agreement with the use of your data in the way described above and in the survey protocol.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation and your assistance in defining a core outcome set for AML.

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