Round 2 Introduction

Welcome to round 2 of the GASTROS study Delphi survey. More than 1000 patients, cancer nurses and surgeons from over 50 countries took part in round 1.

In this second and final survey round, we ask you to review your scores for the outcomes from round 1. You will be able to see how other patients, cancer nurses and surgeons scored each outcome. You will be given the opportunity to change your score if you wish.

Additional outcomes

Some participants suggested additional outcomes which they believed had not been included in round 1. These suggestions have been reviewed by the study team. If your suggestion has not been presented as an 'additional outcome', this may be because it has been already been incorporated into another outcome.


We would like all participants to keep in mind that the purpose of this study is to identify only the most important outcomes to report after surgery for gastric cancer. This will help us create a minimum group of outcomes ('core outcome set') that all future trials should report.

If outcomes that you believe to be critically important are not included in the final 'core outcome set', it does not mean that they may not be of interest to researchers in the future.

How long will it take?

Please set aside approximately 30 minutes for round 2 of the survey.

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