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In our qualitative evidence synthesis of factors that impact on the use of mechanical ventilation weaning protocols in critically ill adults and children, several barriers and facilitators were uncovered. We are now investigating the importance of these factors from the viewpoint of healthcare professionals who;

(a) were involved in developing or implementing the protocol into the ICU

(b) used the weaning protocol 

We define a protocol as a written document describing the steps to wean patients from invasive mechanical ventilation.

We define involvement in developing or implementing a protocol as having actively introduced a protocol into an ICU (either as the lead or part of a team)

We define using a weaning protocol as a healthcare professional who uses a weaning protocol in their day to day practice

The inter-professional team may vary between clinical contexts, but for the interest of this study, we define inter-professional team as comprising of physicians (doctors), nurses, respiratory therapists, and physiotherapists.


This questionnaire includes 39 questions taking only 10 minutes to complete.

Each question asks you to rate the IMPORTANCE of previously identified barriers and facilitators on a scale of 1 to 9, where 1 is not important at all, and 9 is critically important. If you did not encounter this barrier or facilitator in your practice setting (if not applicable), then simply mark “unable to score”.

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