FOCUS: The Frailty Outcomes Consensus Project

Principal Investigator

Dr. John Muscedere                           

Canadian Frailty Network


Research Staff

Dr. Jeanette Prorok (


Thank you for your interest in the FOCUS Project.  FOCUS aims to standardize research and translation studies so that common outcome measures are captured in all frailty studies. A set of common outcome measures will enable study findings to be collectively analyzed to better inform patient care.

A Delphi process will be used to arrive at consensus on a set of common outcome measures.  You are invited to take part in the Delphi study.  If you consent to taking part in the Delphi consensus process by completing the information requested below, you will be sent a link to an online survey.  The survey asks you to rate outcomes on a scale of 1-9; 1 being not important to include in a common outcome measure set; 9 being critical to include.  It is anticipated that the survey will take 20-25 minutes to complete.  Three rounds of voting are planned over the span of a few months. 

For a brief introduction to the FOCUS project and instructions for the Delphi, please click the following link:

There are no known risks for taking part in this study. While there are no direct benefits to you as a participant, arriving at a set of common outcome measures for frailty will enable future frailty research to be collectively analyzed to better inform patient care. This study has been reviewed for ethical compliance by the Queen’s University Health Sciences and Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Research Ethics Board.

There is no obligation for you to take part in this study. Your participation is voluntary. If you do decide to take part in the survey, you can stop participating at any time without penalty. 

Your data will be kept confidential and secure for at least five years.  Data can be withdrawn by notifying Jeanette Prorok by email ( up until January 1 2020.  Your confidentiality will be protected to the extent permitted by applicable laws.  By consenting, you will not have waived any legal rights. Only Dr. Muscedere and Dr. Prorok will have access to study data.  Queen’s University and Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Research Ethics Board requires access to study records for quality assurance purposes.  The results of this study may be published in academic journals and presented at conferences.  However, your name will never be included with presented data. 

If you have any ethics concerns please contact the Queen’s University Health Sciences and Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Research Ethics Board (HSREB) at 1-844-535-2988 (Toll free in North America) or email the HSREB Chair at

If you have any questions about the research, please contact Dr. John Muscedere at or 613-549-6666 ext. 4642 or Dr. Jeanette Prorok at or 613-549-6666 Ex. 6210.

This information provides you with the details to help you make an informed choice.  All your questions should be answered to your satisfaction before you decide whether or not to participate in this research study. 



I have read the information presented in this consent form about the study being conducted by Dr. John Muscedere of the Canadian Frailty Network and Queen’s University.  I have had the opportunity to ask questions about my involvement in this study and to receive additional details as requested.  I may withdraw them from the study at any time.  By completing the survey, I give my consent to participation in the research study.    

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